• No smoke roaster, clear hood, manufacture, sales, and installation, designing Yakiniku restaurants, installation, comprehensive consulting for Yakiniku restaurant.

Company Information

Nodahappy is a specialist of equipment related to Yakiniku such as no smoke roaster, ceiling hood, design, development, sales, and installation of Yakiniku related equipment from start to finish. Creation of new Yakiniku culture merged with traditional Yakiniku and Japanese culture as our product development principle, we were approved of ISO 9001 quality management system in 2008 and constructing system management system that provides environmentally friendly products and service. We have been producing products that produce rich atmosphere in Yakiniku restaurant with safety, technology, functionality, and esthetics one after another and constructing a solid foundation for the Yakiniku industry for our country. We also focused on overseas market earlier on, and made overseas manufacturing and sales base in China in 2005. We are aiming to create new Yakiniku culture that are locally oriented by merging food culture of each country with the development from Japanese Yakiniku market to world Yakiniku market as our base.

Company Summary

Company Name Nodahappy., Co, Ltd.
Operation Manufacturing, sales, and installation of no smoke tables
Manufacturing, sales, installation and interior construction of ceiling hood
Manufacturing and sales of product related to Yakiniku
Chief Executive Yoneo Chinda
Main Office 140-4 Hanai Noda-shi, Chiba 278-0026
contractor of ordinary license, Construction, Approval of the governor of Chiba 11-37929
Yakiniku Construction Business
(Yakiniku restaurant design and construction)
140-4 Hanai Noda-shi, Chiba 278-0026 Nodahappy main office building 3rd floor
Overseas Business Division
Asia Yakiniku Association
140-4 Hanai Noda-shi, Chiba 278-0026 Nodahappy main office building 4th floor
野田金属制品有限公司 中国遼寧省遼陽市宏偉区宏偉路45号

Company Achievement

Approved of “ISO 9001” Quality management system
Approved as the first“Approved product for Chiba manufacturing” in 2010.
Patent, trademark, registration of the design Click here for detail


November 1982 Private owned company Nodahappy was founded. 711-7 Ozaki Noda-shi / Manufacture and sale of Net washer DM-8000 (patented) / sale of vegetable cooker
September 1984 Started the sale and manufacture of no smoke table NT-59 model / Development of safety fuse damper
October 1988 Started the sales and manufacture of no smoke table NT-919 model
March 1989 Nodahappy, Co., Ltd. (Corporation) was founded. Capital 5 million yen.
March 1990 Main office moved to 830-12 Ozaki Noda-shi
August 1990 Started the sales and manufacture of no smoke table NC-55 model
January 1994 Started the sales and manufacture of no smoke table NC-12 model
May 1995 Increased the capital to 10 million yen
July 1997 Construction of main office building. 140-4 Hanai Noda-hi
January 1998 Started the sales and manufacture of Irori type no smoke table, Asuka and Koto
March 1999
Started the sales and manufacture of no smoke table NT-1 model, NH-8 model, NH-10, and NH-21 model
June 1999 Acquired Complete construction permit (Permitted from the governor of Chiba 11-37929)
June 2000 Opened Tokyo office. 3-16-10 Aasakusa Taito-ku (Chinda building)
March 2001 Opened Kanagawa Office. 1-12-1 Gumisawa Totsuka-ku Yokohama-shi
September 2001 Construction of main factory
December 2001 Started the sales and manufacture of NA series gas burner
May 2002 Started the sales and manufacture of NC-02 clear hood
March 2003 Opened Osaka office. 2-7-8 Sakurai Minoo-shi Osaka
February 2003 Started the sales and manufacture of NC-02 clear burner
February 2004 Merged Kanagawa office to Tokyo office
April 2004 All business operated by Osaka office is transferred to Nodahappy Osaka
September 2004 Directly operated restaurant Yakiniku Kobo Tajimaya Higashi Nakano branch open
October 2004 Expansion of the nationwide sale agent (Aomori, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Mie, Osaka, and Yamaguchi)
December 2004 Directly operated restaurant Yakiniku Kobo Tajimaya Kokubunji branch open
September 2005 Started the sales and manufacture of clear hood for Mongolian mutton barbecue grill
August 2006 Foundation o 中国遼陽野田金属制品有限公司
January 2007 Started Yakiniku restaurant distribution consultation
September 2007 Started the sales and manufacture of lava charcoal no smoke roaster NC-22 model
October 2007 遼陽野田金属制品有限公司 / Opened a new factory and moved the factory due to business expansion
2008 Approved for ISO
September 2008 Foundation of Asia Yakiniku Food System Association
January 2009 Tokyo office moved

Sales agents and Special contracts

Kyushu and Chugoku area Noda Co., Ltd. 3-5-4 Higashitsukiguma Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka
Tokai area Toyo Seiki Co., Ltd. 5-23 Koyo Kuwana-shi Mie
Kanto area INTO Co., Ltd. 2-25-13 Umesato Suginami-ku Tokyo
VEC 2221-1 Totsukacho Totsuka-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa
Gild Air Science Co, Ltd. 1-5-34 Isehara Kashiwa-shi Chiba
Kansai area Active Kikaku Co., Ltd. 1-7-18 Kumata Higashi Yoshizumi-ku Osaka-shi Osaka
Tohoku area Protect 24 21-8 Shiroganecho Oazashita Hirosaki-shi Aomomri
Hokuriku area Daishin Sango Co., Ltd. 145-15 Tada Toyama-shi Toyama